Royal Canin Canine Pug Adult

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Because the Pug’s skin is folded, and the folds can become warm and retain unwanted humidity, it’s important that your dog’s diet helps to support the health of its skin.ROYAL CANIN® Pug Adult’s exclusive formula helps to support the skin’s “barrier” role, as well as overall skin health.

ROYAL CANIN® Pug Adult also contains a balance of nutrients that help to support your Pug’s muscle tone. Pugs have very specific features: a large head and a body with short, square muscles. Its jaws and very thick lips can make it difficult for it to pick up its food.


  • Healthy skin: Pug Adult helps support the skin’s “barrier” role (exclusive complex) and maintain skin health (EPA & DHA).
  • Muscle tone: This formula helps maintain the Pug’s muscle tone.
  • Ideal weight: This formula helps maintain the Pug’s ideal weight.
  • Exclusive kibble design: special brachycephalic jaw: A kibble exclusively designed to make it easier for the Pug to pick up and to encourage him to chew.

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