Iams Adult MultiCat with Salmon 8kg


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Iams MultiCat with Chicken & Salmon Cat Food is formulated for multiple body types to maintain healthy weight or return to a healthier weight, for adult cats 1+ years.

Key Features: 

  • Good digestion: healthy ingredients and prebiotics create a balanced gut flora
  • Anti-hairball: adapted mixture of fibres to reduce hairballs by around 21% and help swallowed hair to pass safely through the digestive tract
  • Strong, lean muscles: animal proteins help your cat to maintain a normal weight and a healthy physique. L-carnitine increases the metabolism and can help with fat-burning processes
  • Urinary tract health: supports urinary tract health & helps to prevent UTI’s
  • Healthy skin & coat: contains essential Omega fatty acids, that help to keep skin and coat healthy
  • High poultry content: with quality animal proteins for a great flavour and aroma
  • Two different pellet shapes: in either chicken or salmon flavour especially tasty thanks to an improved recipe
  • With taurine: helps support heart function and eyesight
  • Strong defences: easily digested kibbles with antioxidants, vitamins and vital substances can help support the immune system
  • Balanced and complete: all-round nutrition with vitamins, minerals and trace elements


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