Acana Large Breed Adult Dog 17kg


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Acana uses fresh, raw and regional produce sourced from people they know and trust to produce this high-quality dog food. Infused with freeze-dried liver to create a mouth-watering food your dog will love. With the addition of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables for that extra bit of vitamins, minerals and fibre, this food not only helps maintain lean muscle mass, a shiny coat but also promotes optimal digestion and peak health. Containing 60% high quality whole-prey animal protein from poultry, fish, organs, cartilage and bone this food is packed with all the essential protein and fat your large animal needs. This food is loaded with free-range chicken, eggs and wild-caught fish for a food that delivers the best nutrition in its most natural and nourishing form. Your large four-legged friend deserves the absolute best and that’s what he’ll get with Acana 17kg Adult Large Breed Dry Dog food.

*60% Quality Whole Animal Ingredients
*Protein and Fat-Rich Diet
*WholePrey Superfood
*Mouth-watering Flavour
*Suitable for adult dogs over 25kgs
*Weight: 17kg

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Weight 17 kg


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