Holiday for you,

Holiday for Your Pet.


Our pets are our children, and just like kids, we expect them to be cared for both physically and emotionally. Playtime, potty breaks and routine feeding schedules are critical for pet comfort and happiness. We make sure every pet in our care is accommodated as if they were our own.


 We provide our clients with a shuttle service which allows for maximum convenience. We offer a comprehensive pet collection and delivery service for our Kennel, Cattery, Pet Parlour and Day Care services.
Should you require your pets to be relocated locally or internationally contact our sister company, Pets Travel on 011 979 1611 or visit


Our professional grooming parlour for dogs and cats has specialised facilities for bathing, grooming and clipping of your pets.


Ralun Dog Stars is a fun and interactive place to interact with your dog.  Join us  at our training center to spend time with your furry child – have fun and teach your baby some manners at the same time!


Our wide range of pet food offers you the perfect meal for your pet. We deliver! Preventing you from lugging heavy bags of food home!


Our wellness program is designed with your pet in mind. Giving you options for vaccinations and tick and flea control that save you money! Plus, our wellness members get access to discounts and vouchers that you can use for boarding, day care, training,  pet spa and food.

About Us

Ralun Kennels was established in Durban by Major Ralph Lundgren in 1956 (hence the name Ra-lun) and has long since been synonymous with a loving, safe and professional environment for pet owners to entrust the safekeeping of their furry friends
Ralun is currently owned and has been run by the Badham Family since 1990. We believe we have upheld those original core values and over the past years earned a reputation as one of the best pet boarding facilities in the country. We at Ralun are passionate about what we do for your pet. We continually strive to give you and your pet unrivaled complete pet services in a loving, safe, environment away from home.
As you view our facilities and services offered please note that we have an open door policy at Ralun (KZN and Gauteng).  We encourage you to pop in during office hours so we can show you what we can do for your pet.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am-4pm

Saturday: 8am-12pm


9 View Rd, Manors, Pinetown, 3610




079 179 1318

What we offer

Quality Time

Each and every day we spend 1 on 1 time with your pet. We feel that quality time and interaction with other humans when your pooch is away from you is critically important and for this reason we have kept our business small. We are ambassadors of this interaction and we love spending time with our boarders, getting to know their personalities and helping them overcome any fears they may have.


All dogs are exercised daily in our communal areas or by lead on our 6 acre estate. The amount of exercise is determined by each individual breed and nature of dog.

We exercise your pet daily, we offer large runs where the pets can enjoy the sunshine outdoors and we also offer onlead walks in park like surroundings of our large property. The property is fully fenced and very secure.


Should your pet require special medication for illness and ailments we will gladly administer according to your vets instructions. Should your pet need veterinary care, we’ll contact your local Vet in due course, in the case of emergency or out of hours, our vet is on call 24hrs.

Relaxation & Diet 

Ralun is dedicated to giving your pet the best service possible and have over the years developed and refined our services to insure a safe and relaxing stay.

All pets are fed on premium pet food according to lifestage and lifestyle. Pets are fed twice a day. Special diets and scientific veterinary diets can be supplied by you.

Routine daily rounds are undertaken to check your pets general health, stools and bladder. Your pets ears and eyes are cleaned when necessary.


Our trained staff spend quality time with your pet to insure they are content and not pining excessively. Measures are taken where a pet is showing signs of stress. If any other behavioral problems are identified we’ll be sure to let you know and thereafter see if our staff can be of assistance.


We take extreme pride in our Boarding  and Cattery facilities and have ensured that all our furry and not-so-furry guests get the best possible pampering.

Indoor Boarding

Fully tiled indoor sleep areas and day runs to exercise and socialise for miniature breeds, frail care, post op and whelping.

Outdoor Boarding

Fully tiled indoor sleep areas and day runs to exercise with bedding provided or bring your pooches favourite bed along.

Fully Tiled

eully tiled indoor areas. All our kennels are above standard and are fully tiled, thus ensuring the utmost hygiene standards throughout. Each one of our kennels is extra-large, ensuring your pet has spacious accommodation.ep areas and day runs to exercise and socialise for miniature breeds, frail care, post op and whelping.

Social Kennels

Undercover chalets for sleep time and a large exercise area that allows certain breeds and puppies to socialise and play all day long

High Security Kennels

For our terrier breeds, escape artists and dogs who are terrified during storms and fireworks! (During thunderous storms and certain evenings that we anticipate loud bangs we use preventative calming and sedative remedies before your dog starts panicking)

Season Kennels

A dedicated section just for season bitches, where there is no interference from those nosy male counterparts. Indoor/outdoor, spacious and cool.

Outdoor Cattery

This was designed to allow your cat a spacious and peaceful environment likened to their garden at home. Individual sleeping areas, shade, sun, scratching posts, and ample space for exercise.

Indoor Cattery

For frail, unsocialised, traumatised or temperamental cats. Secure, fully tiled areas as well as access to indoor exercise area.

Opening Hours

M-F: 8am – 4pm S: 8am-12pm

Sunday: Closed


9 View Road, Pinetown



031 701 4874

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